Welcome to the Home of the United States Army Explorers 

The United States Army Explorers (USAE) is a registered not for profit youth career exploration program for teens both Males, and females ages 13-20. Our Program exposes cadets to what career opportunities in the military are like, and provide them first hand knowledge and experience in the many military occupational skills. We are the fastest growing army cadet program in the country

Our program is a part of the Learning for Life Explorer program with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), with strong links to the US Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and State Guard Forces. However, our adults and explorers are not members of the armed forces by virtue of their membership in the United States Army Explorers. All of our staff members are non-paid professionals who bring a rich and varied background to the program.

Army Explorer cadets receive similar training to that which regular soldiers receive. Army Explorers participate in the regular Army Physical Fitness training and testing, Drill & Ceremony, Military Customs and Courtesies, CPR and First Aid, Land Navigation, Radio Communications, Aviation, Leadership, Marksmanship, Search and Rescue, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, Field Exercises, and much more!