The Command Leadership of the United States Army Explorers and the American Military Cadet Corps have come to an agreement of a Merger as one program. The American Military Cadet Corps will be the Corporate program and Umbrella for all. The USAE will stand down its name and with the AMCC, it will bring back the Famed American Cadet Alliance (ACA). The ACA will be the main cadet program nationwide. It will encompass all the units across from coast to coast and will include not only Army Cadets, but the standup and activation to allow Marine & Naval Cadets will occur at a later time when all the organizing is finalized for those divisions. All Current USAE Members will transition into the new program in current Rank & Positions. Along with the ACA, there will be 2 other separate entities inside the Umbrella of the American Military Cadet Corps, the other two being the Military Adventure Camp, and the Millersburg Military Institute. All 3 programs will be under the Executive Leadership and Control of Mr. Jay Whitehead as the Chairman and CEO of the AMCC and BG Ricky Clay(AE/ACA) will be the Commandant of American Cadet Alliance. With these recent events, reorganization of the website will be coming in due time as well as other notifications. Currently anyone that wishes the join the program as a Cadremember will be allowed to choose to be an Army, Navy, or Marine Cadre Instructor, Marine Instructors restricted to current or former Marines. More information will be addressed when announced.



Welcome to the United States Army Explorers.  By joining this program you are demonstrating that you have the character and strength that will set you apart from your friends. By being a part of this program you are taking what could possibly be some of the most important first steps towards an exciting and rewarding career in service to your country and fellow citizens. Although the Army Explorer program has only been around for a few years the concept of cadeting has been around as long as there have been armies.


Alexander the great started his life as a military cadet he learned the art of leadership and warfare as a teenager. By the time he was 19 he set out to conquer the known world. Napoleon Bonaparte was another military cadet that left his mark in the history books. As a teenager Napoleon was sent to the French military academy and became a commissioned officer in the French artillery at the age of the 16, within a few years, he was made a General and had conquered Egypt. Many famous American military figures also served as military cadets including Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E Lee, George Custer, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and Colin Powell.


If you do decide to join the military you will be far past your peers in knowledge, discipline, and you will have the faith in your training and ability to overcome life’s obstacles and succeed where others will fail. The skills and knowledge you will learn as an army explorer will serve you well in or out of the military. Do your best, listen and pay attention to your leaders and learn what it means you have honor, courage and commitment to your family, your community, and your country. 

BG Ricky L. Clay, USAE
Commanding Officer
United States Army Explorers
Vietnam War Memorial 50th Commemoration member
USAE Regimental DUI